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Climbing trials for beginners

Try climbing on self-belaying device

(for 1 - 4 person)

You can try climbing easily without passing belay test on a self-belaying device called Toppas. After a short introduction, you can safely climb eight different climbing routes on your own. Climbing trial for 1-4 persons does not require a reservation. However, you can contact our customer service and ask if there are any club or group bookings, that may prevent the use of equipment, especially on weekday evenings. You can also check it yourself: Wall Situation.

Passing the belay test

Due to the nature of wall climbing one must take into account security issues, and every climber has to master the basic skills, only this way the hobby remains safe and fun. Rope climbing is always work in pairs: while one guy belays on the ground the second climbs to the heights.

If you posses basic belay skills, you are free to climb and belay others in our facilities.

Prior to access the wall, the belay test will check following basic skills:

•      Put on harness

•      Tie rope to harness with figure eight knot

•      Belay a climber with ATC-type device

Upon passing the test we grant access-card of Climbing Centre, which acts as proof of the tests carried out and give the right to belay another climber in our premises. The card is also a payment card to which different products can be downloaded such as subscription or season ticket.



•      Belay test and access card of Climbing Center                                6 €



Note! In Climbing Center's premises only persons authorized by Climbing Center can act as trainers and supervisors. 

Teaching newbies in our premises is strictly prohibited!



Price list

We accept cash and debit cards, and also credit cards (except American Express). 

We accept as payment also

•     Smartum Sport and Culture vouchers

•     Luottokunta VIRIKE voucher

•     RJ TYKY voucher

•     Sports Pass

•     Super voucher

Single payments

Weekday evenings(16:00-20:00) and weekend

 11 €

Monday to Friday 

Before 16:00

 7 €

Monday to Friday

After 20:00

 7 €


 11 €

Bouldering mon-fri (9:00-16:00 and

20:00-22:30)/ (16:00-20:00)

 5/7 €

 Bouldering sat & sun

 7 €


Children (under 18) at all times*

 5 €

  *incl. equipment for children 12 or under





10 times card

80 €

20 times card

140 €

30 times card

180 €

 (mon to fri 9:00-16:00 and 20:00-

22:30 60/ 110/ 150 €)



Season ticket


Autumn season

200 €

Spring season

230 €

Annual card

400 €

1 month card

60 €

3 month card

150 €


Equipment rental


Climbing shoes

3 €


2 €

Lead rope

4 €



Belay test


Belay test + access card

 6 €



Climbing trial on a self-belay device




20 €

Children(under 18 - years old)

10 €