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Northern Lights Challenge by CLIF BAR

Schedule:Saturday 25.11. Qualifications

• 08:30 Warm-up wall and registration open
• 09:00 Registration closes
• 09:15 Technical meeting (mandatory for all team coaches)
• 09:30 Demo of all First Qualifiers
o 1st qualification YouthB M, YouthA F, YouthA M
o 1st qualification YouthB F, Senior F, Senior M
o Demo of all Second Qualifiers
o 2nd qualification Youth B M, YouthA F, Youth A M
o 2nd qualification Youth B F, Senior F, Senior M
• 18:30 Estimated finish time qualification
• 19:00 Banquet & Bowling

Sunday 26.11. Finals

• 08:30 Isolation & warm-up wall open
• 09:00 Isolation closes
• 09:15 Demo & inspection finals all categories
o Finals YouthB M, YouthB F
o Finals YouthA F, YouthA M
o Finals Senior M, Senior F
• 14:30 Podium ceremony

Yle Areena
Route masters:
Christian Bindhammer (GER)
Joseph Wetzel (GER)
Event Producer:
Oskari Sneck